Custom Design

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You Create – We Print

If you’re using a designer to create your stationery, or a graphic professional yourself, we’re happy to work from your press ready artwork and to your specification.

Some of our clients use our standard designs as a base - choosing from any of our card designs, cardstocks and colours, single or double sided cards, ink & foil colours, print finishing etc., taking advantage of some great creative options, and a lower price as we’re working from our standards.

Whichever route you choose, one of our designers or printers will review your design prior to print, and give any guidance if necessary on getting the best out of your chosen print method.

 We’ve developed a useful resource in our Press Ready Artwork Guide, intended as a creative aid in designing and developing your use of letterpress, and we’re of course always available to help and advise you directly.


We Design – We Print

When you want something entirely bespoke to you, we’ll create uniquely from concept to completion. Letterpress printing rewards economy of design, our aim is similar throughout all our work – keep it simple.

We’re quick to get involved in a project and very at home working to a brief, using your concept, rough sketch of an idea, or existing artwork or logo. We offer a fully bespoke design and print service to meet your specific design and print needs. We also relish the challenge of something a little bit special, unusual or just plain awkward.

Designing for letterpress printing is pretty straightforward, things have moved on since the 1500’s when letterpress was developed.  However there are advantages to us designing and printing for you. We’ve decades of experience in getting the very best from traditional printing techniques, we know what works best and we take the time and care to ensure that we get it.


Our Main Custom Options

We have a very comprehensive catalogue of print and finishing options, this isn’t an exhaustive list but intended to give a flavour of our design and print capabilities. We have a wealth of design and print experience at your disposal, ready to add value to your project or business.

  • Custom design
  • Logo design
  • Bespoke line drawings
  • Letterpress printing
  • Inkless debossing
  • Inkless embossing
  • Foiling
  • Foil embossing
  • Bespoke sizes & shapes
  • Top quality card stocks
  • Business card sleeves
  • Multi colour print / foil
  • Bespoke inks
  • Bespoke typefaces
  • Corner rounding
  • Edge painting
  • Edge foiling
  • Die cutting
  • Hole drilling