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Can I personalise my stationery?

Personalisation is one of our specialities, we’re very particular to ensure that our clients have all the necessary options to create a suite of stationery uniquely personal to them.

We create our stationery designs with personalisation in mind, all of which can be customised with ease, this allows us to offer a comprehensive range of options while working to differing budgets. There are many creative ways to keep costs low, if you have a budget to stick to we’ll help create the best value stationery options for you.

You can opt for an entirely Bespoke Design where we start with a blank sheet, though this is a more costly option as it takes much more design time.

Please view our Wedding Stationery Guide or contact us with any questions, our designers are available to help and advise.



What can I personalise?

The range of personalisation options varies slightly between invitation styles, often because they’re not applicable to a particular layout. Usually our clients decide on invitation style first and then look at the options with one of our designers, to add any personalising features.

Personalising Options

  • Wording
  • Card Stock
  • Typeface / Motifs / Ornaments
  • Ink & Foil Colours
  • Ribbon Colours
  • Letterpress Print or Foil
  • Bespoke Artwork
  • Monograms
  • Bespoke Maps
  • Calligraphy
  • Diamantes or Pearls
  • Rounded Corners
  • Printed Ribbon
  • And more…



Drawings, Monograms & Motifs

We especially enjoy creating original artwork, it’s one of our particular strengths, and it can produce a very personal signature feature for your stationery. Our illustrators go to great lengths to create the original drawing to work best with letterpress or foil print, and it’s done the traditional way – by hand and pen.

We’ve drawn a huge variety of personal items for clients, but most ask for their venue or church, monograms are a great way to uniquely personalise using your initials, or you can use our selection of standard motifs free of charge. 

Line drawings, Monograms or Motifs can be used throughout on most items of stationery we print for you. Your dedicated designer will advise you of all your options.