Wedding Planning Inspiration: Finding the perfect style for your day

23rd May 2017

Today we talk to Lucy Wright, Wedding Planner and the founder of Lucy Wright Weddings & Events. After working as a corporate event planner in London, Lucy founded her Harrogate-based Wedding Planning business in 2003, and has quickly become one of the most prominent and in-demand Wedding planners in Yorkshire.

What creative advice would you have for couples starting to plan their Wedding?

Look at how you live – what do you like, what inspires you? Are there things in your home that inspire you? Do you like a luxurious feel or do you prefer a more relaxed, rustic feel? Perhaps you’ve seen things you particularly liked at other Weddings or the Bride has seen some ideas in magazines. These things will give you an idea of what you like, and equally important, what you don’t like. It’s great to be able to rule certain options out at the beginning too. There are many different styles of Weddings, so it’s about finding what you feel happy with and what look you want to go for.

There are also many different media platforms such as Pinterest, which is a fabulous source for pictures and inspiration. But this can also be very daunting (and confusing for the Wedding Planner!) As a Wedding Planner I will often look at Pinterest with a couple. Some couples pin so many different things that it tends to become a mishmash. Do your best to make it as cohesive as possible, as this will make it easier for everyone involved. You can then use that inspiration to dictate the venues you look at and the suppliers you contact.

Budget might impact the style and immediately eliminate certain options too. It’s also well worth getting a Wedding Planner (book) or jotter, as ideas will come to you at different points of the day and through various conversations. Make plenty of notes and write all of your ideas down.

I often say to couples, “Describe your ideal wedding in three words – three adjectives”. But we might not get to the desired style or look until further down the line when we’re chatting more and starting to look at different venues and suppliers. It might be that they initially set out looking for a barn wedding venue and end up in a castle.

On that note, don’t get too caught up at the beginning, be open to what’s out there. Some couples are really focused and will only look at stately homes for example, and that’s fine. Some are really open to anything, they don’t know what’s out there. Maybe don’t visit too many venues, but perhaps look at one or two different styles.


Great advice, and what are some of your key tips for the actual day?

Make the most of the minutes and hours – Especially when you have a large budget, it can be tempting to try and cram many different things in. Every couple has the same amount of time on that day, regardless of their budget. It’s how you spend that time and how you want your guests to enjoy your day. Of course it’s important to keep the flow on the day, but you don’t have to try and fill every single minute. Here are some good questions to ask: Can you fit it in your day? Will it work? Or is it just because you want it? If it’s just because you want it, you can have it at another party instead?

Plan, but focus on what you can control – It is one very important day, and it should be full of memories and amazing. Mentally prepare and plan for things like rain, especially if you’re getting married in Britain. Have the wellies and umbrellas there, and if it’s sunny, that’s a bonus! But remember that factors like the weather are completely out of your control, so don’t allow them to stress you or upset you on the day.

Have someone in charge of the day itself – Having somebody on the day who is more than a venue coordinator, who understands the whole picture – what time the band are arriving, when the caterers are setting up the tables, what time the florist is getting to the venue – is very important. It relieves the stress for the couple and their families. Many venues don’t have a venue coordinator, so having someone there who knows what they’re doing and ensures your day flows as it should means you can relax and focus on enjoying the day. If you decide not to hire a Wedding Planner or On-the-day Coordinator, don’t be afraid to make a list and delegate jobs to your bridesmaids and ushers. As a Bride you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the generator is switched on, or any of those details behind the scenes.